Every item has the possibility of having additional bonuses added on top of its base stats. These bonuses are known as the magic modifiers, and can come in one of four levels: Magic, Epic, and Unique. Unique items are bought from towns and are different from those found in game. Unique items are worth nothing when destroyed, while magic items give two stones, and epic items give three.

Below are charts showing the known values for different modifiers. All values are in percents.

Offensive Defensive
ATK Crit Chance Crit Damage Crit %/DMG HP DEF Guard Evade HP/DEF HP/ATK/DEF
Lowest 3 3 10 3 3 1 1 10/5/5
Highest 30 12 70 5/50 20 20 10 7 15/15 10/10/10
EXP Drops Money
3 3 3
30 12 30
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